W&W Wishlist - 12 January - Watson and White

W&W Wishlist - 12 January

January 13, 2018

W&W Wishlist                                     - 12 January

Pic Credit: DrChatterjee.com

January is a month of getting back to health and fitness for many of us, so this week's WishList shares some inspirations I've discovered as I battle to shake off the excesses of a fabulous Christmas.

If you haven't heard of Dr Rangan Chatterjee's 4-pillar plan, where have you been? Serialised recently in The Telegraph and taking over your Instagram feed, his book is now an Amazon best seller. It focuses on the theory that optimum health (and weight loss) is centred on 4 pillars - Relax, Eat, Move and Sleep. We've all heard that we need to eat better and move more, but who knew relaxing and sleeping helps us lose weight?! I'm in.

Pic credit: HotPod Yoga

Regular readers of our blog may have heard me mention HotPod Yoga before, but taking the principles that moving more and relaxation are both good for you, HotPod Yoga is perfect. Having trained at the gym for years, and even running half marathons I've never been as toned as six months of hotpod yoga has made me - plus the upside is I can't wait to get into the pod several times a week because it helps me sleep, relax and feel great - no more dreading working out. Check out the app for a pod in a town near you.


Pic credit: Primark

Talking of sleep I have to recommend Primark's recurring range of silky cotton hareem style PJ trousers with gathered ankles, Hannah and I both have several pairs in all sorts of colourways and paisley prints. At £4 a pop you might as well grab them all.

Pic credit: Beauty Pie

As I sleep I like to have a hardworking night cream, so I have joined BeautyPie as a member so I can try out its Super Retinol (+Vitamin C) night renewal moisturiser at £8.15 instead of £75. This range of skincare and cosmetics allows you to buy at factory prices when you're a member, so which was just so tempting I had a bit of a spree - full review to follow.

Pic credit: Olive magazine

Work is always the place I skip my healthy eating regime and either miss lunch or grab a horrible sandwich because I'm busy, so I've been cooking an extra portion of 'bowl food' each evening to pop in my tupperware bowl to take to work. 

Pic credit: The Independent 

And finally, is all that healthy lark isn't for you - follow @deliciousllystella on Instagram for a hilarious tongue-in-cheek feed of 'health' inspo.

Kari x